Monday, April 30, 2012

Part 1 of the story that has no title.

Here is the first part of a short story that I wrote. Let me know what ya think ;) The story takes place in present day just so ya know.

      Rebecca’s brown, wavy hair curled in the rain.  The light drizzle had begun in the morning, but gradually became heavier throughout the afternoon.  Thick, black clouds hid the normally azure blue sky.  As 14-year-old Rebecca ran for the cow barn, the rain became even heavier.    Eventually she reached the newly painted, red barn; the water that fell so heavily from the sky soaked through her violet jacket.  Rain seeped through a crack in the pine boards making the dirt floor a bit muddy.  Walking to the end of the barn Rebecca climbed to the top of the green, paint chipped gate that led to the pasture and sat on the top of it.  She gave two short and shrill whistles, soon the herd of cows rushed to the gate where Rebecca stood.  Then, Rebecca opened the gate, and let the cows into the corral.  At last, every cow stood on the other side of the gate.  Split! Splot! Split! She heard the sound of rain pouring on the tin roof.  Her mud boots splashed in the puddles as she ran back to the house, the sound of rain falling from the sky drowned out every other noise.  When Rebecca stepped into the log house she headed straight for the fireplace, her hair dripping water on the wooden floor as she walked.  Jack, her big Burmese Mountain dog, cuddled next to Rebecca as she curled up next to the fire.  Nate, her 15-year-old brother, and her dad walked in through the back door, as the warmth of the fire spread through her body, drying the wet clothes she wore.
     “I took care of the cows dad,” Rebecca told her dad through chattering teeth.
     “Good Rebecca. Well, there is officially a flood warning” announced her dad turning to her mother in the kitchen, “We are safe here up on the mountain, but the horses are still in the mountain pasture. Rebecca I need you to go get them while Nate, Caleb, and I tie things down here with sandbags just in case.  If a flood does hit it won’t hit until about 3:00 am tomorrow. So you’ll be safe.”
      “OK,” Rebecca replied not too enthusiastically.  She was not exactly thrilled at the thought of going back out into the cold rain.
      “Thank you,” her dad gave her a warm smile which made her feel better, “come on guys lets get going” he said, motioning to Caleb and Nate.
Rebecca grabbed a flashlight, and a dry jacket, and then she slipped on her muddy boots and stepped outside.
     The torrential rain poured down relentlessly on Rebecca’s hooded figure as she made her way up the mountain.  The strong wind blew raindrops in her face that stung her cheeks and nearly blinded her green eyes.  She arrived at the bridge that stretched across a large creek.  Water swiftly flowed underneath the bridge.  Rebecca stared at it wondering if it was still safe to cross.  The water was rushing very fast, but it was still fairly low, so she deemed the bridge safe and crossed to the other side. About ten minutes later she reached the valley where the horses grazed.  Even with her flashlight she could barely make out the figure of the horses’ through the sheets of rain.  She whistled for Birdie, the lead appaloosa mare.  A few seconds past, then through the gauntlet of thunder and lightning, Birdie’s spotted head appeared.  Rebecca quickly slipped the faded green halter over the mare’s wet and muddy head.  A sudden crack of light sent bright fingers of lighting across the sky, illuminating the dark night. 
     Whoa, that struck close, thought Rebecca, I need to hurry.
  As she started to walk towards the ranch with birdie’s lead rope in her hand the other horses in the herd followed their leader. They slowly walked toward home, the path she took ran around the brim of a hill.  Everything went fine until she got a little to close to the edge of the hill.  Then, before she knew it, she had lost her footing and started sliding down the muddy side of the hill.  She released her grip on Birdie’s lead, and continued to slide down.   Finally, about halfway down she regained her footing on a rock; she was covered in mud from her ride down the hill.  At first she was afraid to move, scared that the rock might come lose at any moment, but somehow she had to climb up the hill again and get the horses back to safety. She started up the hill, took a few steps, and then she started sliding again, and landed back where she had started.
     Mud covered, weary, and cold she stood up again, but before she took another step she heard the faint sound of someone calling her “Rebecca. . . . . .Rebecca,” the voice shouted.
     Oh Great!  She thought rolling her eyes; now I’m hearing voices, I’ve gone mad!   This is how all horror stories start, the victim gets lost or hurt in the wilderness and hears dead relatives beckoning to her.  Great I’m gonna freak myself out, if I keep thinkin' like that.
     “Rebecca!” the voice shouted again “Rebecca!” 

Well Did ya like it?  If you want me to post the second and third parts tell me in the comments. ;)
<3 Love you
Oh and By the way if you have an idea for the title of my story tell me in the comments as well.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I love books, and reading!  I can't understand anyone who doesn't like reading.  I love it when you start reading a book and you begin to feel like you are a part of the story.  Here are some cool pictures that I've taken of books.

Little House on the Prairie, with a bonnet.  This is probably my least favorite :/

Frindle and a pen.  
Around the World in  Eighty Days =)
This one I am entering in STAND OUT, Don't Fit In.'s photo challenge.
And I am entering this in Aaliyah's contest.
This by far is my favorite!  And like I said in my last post, I LOVE old Nancy Drew books.  My mom says that she remembers saving box tops from cereal boxes so that she could send them in and get Nancy Drew books. <3

Which one is your favorite?
God Bless!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

10. Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Warm, Chewy, Rich cinnamon pretzels. =)

 2. A fresh rain on a warm spring day.
3.  Warm, fuzzy goat kids!
4. Creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream, and shaved chocolate.
5.    Best Friends...need I say more =)

 6.  Old mystery books ( I love Love LOVE Nancy Drew.)
7.  Laughing...

 8. Money!  Just Kidding, Just Kidding.

 OK, Seriously now,  8. Warm fires on REALLY cold winter nights.
9.   The Piano! I could not live without my piano(ok, yeah that's a slight exaggeration)

 10.  When People follow and comment on my blog!  <3


OK, I've decided to host a photo challenge. Here's How it works.  Post your picture in a blog post on your blog.  Then click the "add your link" button at the end of this post.  It's that simple!!  And if you don't have a blog, you can use your flickr account. And if you have neither of these, and absolutely HAVE to, you can e-mail me your entry at   OK, hope that makes sense, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.
Category: Animals.  Pets, wildlife, fish, any animal you can think of.
One of my dog's puppies. =)

The contest opens today, and ends next Saturday (May 5th).
So here are the rules:
1.  You may enter one photo and it has to fit within the given category (animals)
2.  In your blog post make sure you include the link to my blog so that other may enter the contest too!
3.  You MAY edit your photo, but just don't go to much over the top.
4.  Your entry HAS to belong to YOU!!  You may NOT use anyone else's photo but your own.
5.  Have Fun!!!!!

Then next Saturday I'll do a post with all of your entries, and you can vote on which ones you like best!

God Bless!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

For Claudia's Contest...

 And for Rebecca's photo challenge@Blessings Every Minute of My Life.
Last Photo Challenge, I PROMISE!!!!

Category: Food
So I made a small mosaic it's the night sky using black beans, corn kernels, and Wheat.
The black beans are the night sky, and the moon is made out of the corn, and the wheat clusters form stars. =)

Go to Rebecca's blog!
Go to Grace's blog!
Image Map

God Bless!!!
P.S. If I hosted a photo challenge, which of you guys would  be interested.  Just wondering if I have enough people to host one yet.  =D

And yet another photo challenge

Sorry about doing all photo challenge posts lately, I'll do a regular post tomorrow. =)

Entering  Ruby's photo challenge @ professionallynot-so-professional
Category is  any plant or flower.  Here is my picture!
God Bless!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chatty Kathy Photo Challenge

I am entering Chatty Kathy's photo challenge.

Here is my picture.
God Bless!!!

Vacation Time-New Zealand

No, I'm not going on vacation, but if I were, I know where I would go. . . . NEW ZEALAND.  If I could go anywhere in the world for vacation it would definitely be New Zealand.  Why you ask?

Maybe it's because of the diverse landscapes.
                              The volcanoes,

                               and Beachs,


Or maybe it's because when I went out eat, I could eat here,


                              Or Here,

Maybe it's because I could wake up every morning to this,
                              Or this,


                           Or this,
I could take a walk and see this,

                             Or this,
                              Or this,
And maybe it's just because I am in love with Kiwi birds. =) so cute.


 God Bless!!!

P.S. I am considering doing a monthly/weekly kinda post like this just focusing on other parts of the world each time.  Tell me what ya think in the comments.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jostie Flicks

Hi everyone!!!   I don't have time for a really long post today, So I thought I'd make it short but sweet. =)   Ok, so Jostie Flicks is a big homeschooled family that lives in Canada.  They produce and post hilarious short videos on youtube.  They are always clean and REALLY funny!  The video below is one of my favorites.

God Bless!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunlit Portrait

Hey Guys!!! I am entering Lucia's photo challenge over at Lucia, Etcetera.  The challenge theme is sunlit portraits.  Here is my entry:

Hope you like it!  You can enter the photo challenge too, but hurry it ends April 30th!

lucia, etc.

God Bless!!!
P.S. The poll for What's your Favorite Drink ended and Gatorade won!! =)Make sure you vote on the new poll, What's your Favorite Thing to do in the Summer.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Most Creative photos....EVER!

(All photo credit in this post goes to Jason Lee via Bored Panda)
My mom found these photos on the internet.  A father took these photos of his daughters.  Where he came up with all these crazy ideas, I have no clue.

 God Bless!!!