Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photoshoot With the cutest little sister ever :D

Yesterday, I grabbed my little sister, told her to grab some shoes and meet me in the woods. Thus a photo shoot was born.

 I like the one below cuz she looks like a little fairy

This one is definitely my favorite!

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More random recent pictures below

Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday I got a couple close-ups of my siblings eyes.
Here is Natalie's eye.
I love the picture below. The blue stands out so much better with the rest of the picture turned black and white.

And here is David's eye.  His eye color is weird cuz it is like blue and brown. My dad's eyes are like that too.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Entering Fashion Challenge

I am entering Rachel's fashion challenge.  Here are the rules:
1. you can get the pictures of the clothes and accessories from Google images and make a collage of them to fit the forte of your character's dress

2. No stealing original outfits, this has to be totally by you! ( like don't get an outfit off pinterest or google images that is already made, the fun is making your own!)

3. One entry per design.

4. Have fun! and tell the character's name
Here's the outfit I made.  It is for Rebecca Wesson the main character in my book.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Entering Ruby's contest.

Hi Everyone!  I am entering Ruby's contest.  The theme is Bokeh.  Just in case you don't know what bokeh is I will tell you.  Bokeh is when the background of a picture is blurred and the light forms little circles. lol that sounds confusing, but here is an example of bokeh.
 Here is the pic I am entering!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recent pictures

 I'm still not sure if I really like the one below . . . the focus is cool though
 The next two pictures was when I was experimenting with silhouettes.

 I like how this one isn't focused on the flower, instead it's focused on the detail of the leaf
 The BEST blueberry muffins in the world. I am making them for a fundraiser on Sat. :)
 Raindrops =D

Hope you Enjoyed.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chapter 2 part 2 of the story with no name

Hey guys, here is part 2 of chapter 2 Enjoy!

     Before long they were forced to stop, debris and wreckage covered the road.  Rebecca stared at the sight before her, a couple houses were absolutely destroyed, and you could hardly tell where some of the roads once were. 
     She realized how fortunate she was to live on the mountain, if their farm had been lower ground on the mountain, their crops would have been ruined, and they probably would have lost some livestock. 
      Everybody was wearing their mud boots, which would make it easier to climb over the wreckage that covered the roads.  They climbed out of pick-up, the speechless kids said nothing.  They could not believe that only water did all this damage.  Nearby stood a group of people, some were policemen, some were doctors, but most were just volunteers ready to help clear the wreckage away. In the middle of the group stood Uncle Jack, who was handing out heavy gloves for the workers.  He spotted his brother, nephews and nieces, and walked over to the Wesson's.
     “Hey,” he greeted cheerfully, despite the fact that the mood surrounding the group was anything but cheerful.  Uncle Jack looked much like Dad, broad shoulders, muscular, dark hair, and even though he was dad’s younger brother, he had always been taller then him.  “Here, take some gloves and join the group, we were just going over what needs to be done, and separating into smaller groups.”
     The Wesson's followed Uncle Jack over to the crowd of volunteers.  Rebecca soon spotted Leah Benson, one of her friends from church.  They ran to one another and hugged each other.  At once the two girls started chattered away.
     “Is everything on your farm safe?” asked Leah anxiously.
     “Yeah,” Replied Rebecca, then she went on to tell her the story about the horses and the bridge, “so is did your farm get much damage?”
     “Well, one area in the barn is really flooded, but we moved the cows to a different pen and the flooded part should drain soon enough,” she answered
     Soon Uncle Jack put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly to get the attention of the chattering group.
      Uncle Jack began to give instructions “Thank you all for coming to help. OK, we need a team over on Hawk Ridge Rd. to move the debris away from the bridge.  And we need a group to go to the district with the neighborhoods and start clearing away wreckage from the homes.  Once you separate into the two teams you can divide into smaller groups to get more work done.  The city is sending over some workers and machinery to help move the bigger piles and pieces covering the roads.”
     “Which team are you going on?” asked Leah.
     “I don’t know.  I need to find my dad and ask him.” answered Rebecca, as she started searching for her dad.
      She found her dad, and the rest of her siblings.
       “Oh, Becca, there you are, where did you go? Don’t run off like that I need to know where you are.” He said not waiting for her answer. “We are going to the neighborhood area, Uncle Jack is going to have us moving wreckage from the homes.”  He finished as the Wesson family group walked toward the group assigned to the neighborhoods.  Rebecca saw the Leah’s family headed to the same bunch as the Wesson's.  She smiled, working would be so much more fun with Leah. 
     About an hour later all the volunteers had divided into their respective groups and had started clearing away the remains of the flood.  The Wessons and Bensons worked quickly and silently together.  Rebecca and Leah hardly spoke to each other.  Seeing the once normal items of families just like theirs strewn across the home, broken into pieces darkened the mood of conversation. 
     After a few more hours of work, the teams broke for lunch.  A Pizzeria from a nearby town donated tons of pizza to feed the volunteers for lunch.  Rebecca stood in line for the pizza as she held her paper plate and plastic utensils.  She shivered in her jacket, rain continued to drizzle from the sky and the air became very cold.  Then she spotted a pot of coffee.
     “Hey daddy?” she said turning to Mr. Wesson, who was standing next to her. “Can I have some coffee?  Pleeeeese?”
     “Well, ” Dad thought, “OK, but if your are hyper from the caffeine tonight don’t blame me.”
     Once Nate, Becca, Leah, and Sam, Leah’s brother, had gotten their food, they went to go sit down on a piece of plywood that a volunteer had pulled from the piles of debris.  Rebecca could feel the warm coffee run all the way down her throat as it warmed her body.   Soon, all the children had finished their meal and they went back to work.
     Half an hour late Uncle Jack came over to see how everyone was doing, then he went over to talk to Mr. Wesson.  After awhile Mr. Wesson  walked over to Katie and Rebecca.
      “Nate, come here please, you to Caleb,” Mr. Wesson called as Nate and Caleb ran to obey.
      “Yeah Dad?” Nate answered
     Dad began, “Uncle Jack told me about a family, the Connors, who’s home has flood damage.  There is a team working on fixing the damage, but they don’t have anywhere to go for about three days.  So Uncle Jack asked us if we would mind if the family stayed with us until their house was fixed.  They have two kids.  A seven-year-old little boy, and a Three-year-old little girl.  I called mom, and we are going to put them in the guest room, and put the two kids on the air mattress next to their parents.  I want you guys to welcome them into our house, ok?  Help them with the kids, and make them feel at home.”

     “Yes Sir.” The Wesson kids replied.
    “When are they coming?” Katie asked
     “Well, Uncle Jack called the family right a way, so they will probably be there when we get back.”
      After a couple more questions everyone got back to work.  The rain that had been falling all day became harder as the sun set.  It soon became to dark to work and everyone began to pack up and leave.  Rebecca said goodbye to Leah and hopped in the truck.
    “I am hungry and exhausted,” said Katie as she rested her head on the back of the seat and closed her eyes.
     “My hair is so frizzy and I am so dirty.  I call dibs on the shower.” Added Rebecca.
     “Oh man, you girls are so whiny, and by the way you can’t call dibs on the shower, because we have three showers and you cannot call dibs on all three.” Caleb answered the two girls.
    “Well guys are so sarcastic.” Retorted Rebecca as she settled in for the ride back.
     Eventually all the four kids fell asleep as Mr. Wesson drove homeward. Finally, they reached home and the tired teenagers dragged themselves into the house.
    Rebecca sleepily said, “I’m gonna go take a shower…then go to bed…”
    The four teens dispersed and Mrs. Wesson greeted Mr. Wesson as he walked in the door.
   “Hi honey, how was it?” She asked as she sat at the counter with a cup of coffee.  “The Connor's are getting settled into the guest room.”
   “Oh good,” He said, “It went well, all the kids worked hard. I think they’re tired though.”  He smiled.
The phone rang and Mrs. Wesson stood up to answer it.
    “Hello?” She answered brightly, “Yes this is.”  Her smile began to fade, “Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed as a look of panic swept across her face.
To Be Continued . . . . 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part 1 of Chapter 2 of the story that has no title

OK, here is the first part of the second chapter.  I know the Wessons are a huge family and it is kinda confusing, so on my story page I am going to post a list of the Wesson kids names and their ages.

Chapter 2

     Rebecca awoke to the smell of bacon and pancakes.  She opened her eyes a little and saw her mom flipping pancakes, and her dad sitting at the counter drinking strong black coffee.  Her eyes surveyed the rest of the room and she saw her other sibling still sleeping and snoring.  The dull sound of rain came from outside, but it was much lighter then it was the night before.  Rebecca pulled more of the green blanket around her shoulders and fell back asleep.  
     When she woke up again, almost everybody was at the table eating breakfast.  The only people left sleeping were Rebecca, Nate, Katie and all three of the dogs.  Carefully removing the blanket, so as not to wake up Katie, Rebecca stood up and stretched.  She walked over to the table where Caleb and the little kids sat eating a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fruit, and orange juice.  Pulling up a chair between Abi and James, Rebecca sat down with a sigh.
     “You OK?” Asked her mom.
     “Yeah I’m fine,” She answered in a tired voice, “I’m just tired.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.”
     “Want some pancakes?” Mom asked Rebecca.
     “Sure,” She replied through a yawn.
     Rebecca looked up at the morning sky through the kitchen window.  The sky was cloudy and rain was falling just like yesterday, promising another grey and dreary day.  Mom walked over to her with a plate full of pancakes and bacon, and a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. 
      The Wesson family did not grow the oranges on their farm in Washington. Rather, their grandparents, who lived in Florida, owned an orchard with lots of oranges, and grapefruits.  So when they come up to visit twice a year they bring a truckload of oranges and grapefruits.  Then those are stored and mom makes fresh orange juice and grapefruit juice with them. 
     “Leanne, could you pass the syrup?” Rebecca asked looking Leanne’s way.
     “Here you go,” Leanne replied, handing the sticky container that held the syrup to Rebecca.
      Rebecca drizzled the warm syrup over her fresh blueberry pancakes.  As she was eating, Rebecca glanced over to the living room where Nate and Katie were just waking up.  James, Abi, Ella, Ben, Josh, and Leanne finished their breakfast, and accused themselves from the table, and mom sent them upstairs to change out of their pajamas.  Nate and Katie walked over to the table with Rosie, the Wesson’s Yorkie, trailing behind.   The twins sat down at the counter, and mom handed them their breakfast.
     After taking a bite of pancake Rebecca wondered aloud, “Hey, where did dad go?”
     “Oh, he’s outside seeing if any damage was done.” Mom replied as she flipped the last patch of pancakes on the griddle.
     “Well our bridge is out, but from the looks of things it doesn’t look like much damage was done up here.” Rebecca added as she looked out the window. 
     “Is there any news about the damage that the flood did in the valley?” Caleb questioned as he finished off his third pancake.
     “We haven’t heard anything other then that the flood did do great amount of damage,” Mom replied.
Just then Dad came in through the back door, “OK, it doesn’t look like any harm was done, our small pond has morphed into a lake though. And the driveway is a little flooded, but really that’s all” As dad finished his last sentence, the phone rang. Mom dried her hands off with a dish towel and went to answer the phone.
     “Hello?” answered mom cheerfully, “Yes, OK, right, Here he is.” Covering the receiver with her hand, mom walked over to dad in the mudroom. “It’s for you.” She said handing the phone to dad.
     “Hello, Oh hey Jack.  Yeah. Oh no.  Yeah, I can probably get Katie, Nate, Caleb and Rebecca to come along too.  Ok, I understand.  Ummm probably about 45 minuets.  Wait you know what, with the flood, it will probably take about an hour.  All right, see you there.  Bye.”
Everybody stared at Dad once he put the phone down, especially the older kids, whom, after hearing their names mentioned, where particularly curious.
     But dad said nothing in reply to the stares, instead he turned to mom and said “Honey, can I talk to you a second.”  She followed him into the mud room and they shut the door.  Nate got up and put his ear up to the door of the mud room. 
      Caleb rolled his eye, “Nate, get away from the door.”
     Nat out his fingers up to his lips, “Shhhhhh”
     “Nate…,” Caleb replied staring more intensely at him.
     “Okay, okay I’m going,” Nate said, pretending to be indignant that his eavesdropping was interrupted.
     “You can be so immature sometimes,” Katie chided, but Nate just laughed.  He was always playing around like that, even during a serious time like this.
Finally, after what seemed like hours of waiting, even though in reality it was only five minutes, Mom and Dad emerged from the mud room. 
     All eyes on him, dad finally spoke, “That was Uncle Jack on the phone, and he said that his farm is Ok, he has more flooding then us though, because he lives lower down the mountain..  I can’t say the same for some of the families down in the valley though.  It sounds like many homes got flooded, and those that didn’t have severe water damage.  Anyway there is a lot of debris built up around the city, and a lot of people won’t have homes to go to, until we get the debris moved.  So the reason I mentioned you kids,” Dad said, turning to the older kids sitting anxiously at that table, “I want you guys to come and help out, moving debris, gathering supplies, and I’m sure Uncle Jack will find lots of other things for you to help out with.  He has kind of headed up the volunteer team.  He already has some people working in the valley.  Not all the water has totally subsided at the lowest point, but otherwise it’s only about ankle deep at the highest in most places. So will guys be willing to come help?”  He finished.
     Nate, Caleb, Rebecca, and Katie exchanged glances.  Katie was the first to speak, “I’d be happy to come and do what I can to help.” The others readily nodded agreement.
     “OK then, go get dressed in heavy work clothes, and be ready to leave in 5 minutes.” Dad ordered.
The kids ran upstairs to obey and within, about ten minutes later everyone was in the car ready to go.  The Wessons were not exactly known for their punctuality.  In fact with a bigger family they were often late, because somebody has to go to the bathroom, or mom forgot her cell phone, or dad forgot his wallet, or Katie forgot her purse…And, as you can imagine, the list goes on and on. 
     The Wesson black pick-up truck pulled out of the driveway only five minutes after the wanted departure time.  Caleb sat in the passenger’s seat next to Dad, and Nate, Katie, and Rebecca sat next to each other in the backseat.  The truck headed down the mountain, normally the trip to the valley took about forty-five minutes, but with some of the mountain road still slightly covered with water, the trip took about an hour.  Finally they arrived at the small town in the valley.  Before long they were forced to stop, debris and wreckage covered the road.  Rebecca stared at the sight before her, a couple houses were absolutely destroyed, and you could hardly tell where some of the roads once were.  

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Friday, July 13, 2012

I really wanted to come up with an awesome title, but I'm not creative, so I didn't

The First photo challenge I am entering is Elizabeth's photo challenge at I'm Living For Jesus!

Here's my entry.

The Second photo Challenge is Brooke's at {Endless Grace}
The theme is Children.
This the first picture that I took of a child. I took this like 4 years ago. we had some friends over and we were playing town and I was the photographer, and I took this picture and it turned out great, even though I didn't mean it to be: thus starting my life long photography career. . . .just kidding.  well no I'm not kidding, I did take this picture, but it didn't start my life long career, because I've only lived for 15 years and that is hardly a long life, Ok I'm gonna stop rambling now. . . .

Now it's time for a random quote that I found on the internet:
Flying, is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
-Douglas Adams....I think, I'm not sure.....
Hope you enjoyed!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Piano Guys.


I have been following the Piano Guys for like a year and a half now.  They are a group of super talented guys that bring classical (and some not so classical) music to a whole new level. They are amazing.

First I would like to introduce Jon Schimdt, the pianist. I have one of his books, and the songs are really hard, I have been working on one song for like 2 months now and I am finally done with it. (the song I learned to play is called Tribute by Jon Schmidt if ya wanna look it up on youtube.)
Anyway this is Jon Schimdt.
And this is Steven Nelson Sharp.  The cellist, who is also extremely talented.
And Here is the whole group. Anyone not mentioned above does the filming or editing, or all that other technical stuff. (I would name them, but I can't remember their names at the moment and I am to lazy to look it up =P)
These are a couple of the music videos that they have:

This one is so funny..

So is this one.

These two are so pretty.

Hope you enjoyed!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yes, I know, what a creative post title. =D  creative little me, bravo....
OK, just kidding... So, it's time for a random post about nothing.
Random thing #1
Andy Griffith died on July 3rd :(

I would have loved to meet him, he seemed so nice =D

Random Thing #2
I went to see Brave on Monday.  It was pretty good. (I will be writing up a movie review for it soon)

Random Thing #3
I went bowling last night for the second time (the first time I went, I was seven) I got second place, my big sis Bekah beat me; which is no surprise because for my first ten turns I got nothing but gutter balls :/

Random Thing #4
I took this picture:

Random Thing #5
Random Thing #6
Ireland Awarded me!!! =D Thank You so much, you are now officially awesome.

#1. Thank the person who nominated you and give the link.
Ireland!!!!  Thank you! That was so sweet of you!!!

#2 Tell us how the idea of having a blog popped up and why you continue it.
Well, I had an old blog like last spring, and my life got really busy and I had to stop blogging.  Then I decided to blog again because I enjoy sharing about my life and I love sharing my photography.  I continue to blog because I love getting followers and reading the comments y'all write me.
#3 Describe a usual day of your life.
I get out of bed, read the bible, get dressed, go feed my babies (my goats), and eat breakfast.  Then sometime between breakfast and lunch I: randomly play piano, check e-mail, and do some more random stuff. Then between lunch and dinner I: play outside, go to the river, help make dinner, then clean up, play with David, take my dog for a walk..Then go to bed.
#4 The best collaboration with a blogger?
hmmm I have lots of friends that are bloggers, but probably the best blogger that I don't personally know would be Kathryn.
#5 The worst collaboration with a blogger?
I have never had a bad collaboration... really.
#6 Explain what having this blog means to you.
I love this blog because it gives me a place to express myself, and to encourage or inspire others.
#7 Now nominate 5 bloggers for this award.
Kathryn@Chatty Kathy

Random Thing #7
My Camera is broken at the moment.

Random Thing #8
I had something else to tell y'all, but I for got....

Monday, July 9, 2012

I was bored...

And when I'm bored, I get creative, sort of....  Here's what I mean, one day when mom and day where in Ukraine, I had nothing to do, so I made food pictures.... Observe:
This is a house..ok you probably figured that on your own :P  anyway, the  roof is made from sunchips, the house is made from tortilla, the sun is made from a yellow pepper, the tree is made from bread and brussel sprout leaves, and the grass is made from celery leaves.

The bridge is made from bread, the road is made from mini chocolate chips, the grass is made from cucumber peelings and the river is made from a tortilla and a lot of food coloring,
The water is made from tortilla and food coloring, the boat is made from bread, the sails are made from tortilla, and the flag is made from sprinkles.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Photo Challenge Results....FINALLY

Sorry it has taken me so long to announce the results.  I haven't been on the computer in like 2 weeks.  And I know a lot of you are waiting to see the pictures of my new siblings, and they are coming I promise, I am just waiting for my dad to send them to me...

Now, Without further ado, (drum roll please.....) the winner of the water photo challenge iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss!!!........
Great Job Kennedy!!!  This truly is an amazing photo!  Please e-mail me your address at raininthecountry@gmail.com so I can send ya the prize.

In Second place is Julia, with her happy yellow flower =D

And in third is EJ. I really just love the perspective of this photo, I think it is so unique and pretty.

Congradulations to the winners, and thank you to all who entered!!!
P.S. I will try to send out the pics of my new sibs this week, and I am hoping to do a regular post soon, Thank you for your patience. =D