Monday, May 28, 2012

pretty pics =D

Last weekend, me and my friend were talking at a graduation party.  We were sitting by a field, and I just kept snapping random pictures.  Well, after the party I looked at them, and they actually turned out better then i thought.  So, I decided to post them =D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I got awarded. . . TWICE!!

YAY so happy =) so first of all, like I said in one of  my last posts, I have school finals so I've been 2 busy 2 post.  I only have a week and a half of tests left so I will be back to my normal blogging schedule.  Secondly, I just checked my blogger dashboard today for like the first time this week and saw that I had 25 followers!!!!!!  If I can get 50 followers I might just host a photo challenge with a prize ;)   Anyway, thank you sooooooooooooooo much for following me!!!! I love you all soo so so so much, and I appreciate you following.  It makes me so super excited when I get new followers. =D

So the first the first award I got was the versatile blogger award.  Ruby@professionallynot-so-professional awarded me.
So now I have to tell you 7 things about myself...  OK let's see...
1.)  I Love Laughing
2.)  My birthday is June 5th!
3.)  I am turning 15, but I am short and constantly have people tell me that I look 11 =P
4.)  I love Love LOVE the woods.  I go exploring everyday :)
5.)  I love watching old tv shows.  Like the REALLY old scooby doos, or Dick Van Dyke.
6.)  I have 3 sisters, and almost 3 brothers (we are in the process to adopt 2 more boys from Ukraine.)
7.)  I have the best, most amazing family in the WORLD <3

Now, the second award I received was the Versatile Blogger Award. (yes it does have the same name as the other award but it is a different award.)

 Thank you Hannah@Hannah's Place for awarding me.
Now for 7 more random facts about me
1.) I don't like chicken.
2.) Until the age of 12 I had a deathly fear of ladybugs (which is ironic cuz normally I love nature, but ladybugs ugh I just didn't like them.)  I am fine with them now, but I still get teased about it =P
3.) I LOVE chocolate milk.
4.) And I love horses =D
5.) I don't like most fruit flavored candies (skittles would be one accept ion)
6.) I ADORE Piano.
7.) I can't think of a 7th fact :)

Now I need to award people.  If I award you please comment and let me know that you saw this.  Also, if you are awarded you are being awarded both Versatile Blogger awards.  And you need to post awarding other people and tell us 7 facts about yourself.  I am supposed to award 15 people, but a lot of the bloggers I know have received this award already so I will award as many bloggers as I can find.
Kiara@Just a Dash of Laughter
Hannah I.@Life is a Sample
Hannah H.@Not Your Typical Teen
Julia@My Life and Such
Kathryn@Chatty Kathy
Rachel@Full 360 (on a tricycle)

Love Ya!!!!


Friday, May 18, 2012

My Entry for Kathryn's Writing Challenge

OK So this is my entry for Kathryn’s writing contest.  It is life from my dog's prospective.  All the things in this story are things that my dog actually does, so that makes this even funnier. If you've ever read the series Hank the Cowdog, this is kinda my spin on the series.
And  If you're wondering, the thoughts are italicized.

     I lay sprawled out in the middle of the gravel drive-way, letting the hot sun warm up my black fur.  Soon I heard the sound of gravel popping.   
     An INTRUDER!!!!  I sprinted down the long driveway as fast as I could, and started barking a warning. 
    Oops I thought to myself it’s the people.
     “It’s OK Rayne (yeah our other dog's name is Rayne, and it's pronounced Rain, just so you know ;) ).” I barked at my deputy, “It’s just the people. Switch barking to welcome mode” 
     You see I was the unofficial sheriff of the Bradford family home, and any property surrounding it for 100 miles.  The people I referred to were the Bradford family.  Rayne was the Bradford’s other dog, she was no where near as fast, or brave or as smart as me, but I let her tag along and help with the small things in security work.
      We stood by and let the people pass through, we continued our happy barking and gave the “people” a warm welcome as we ran along side their strange moving animal which they called a "car".  Now let me stop and explain this to ya ‘cause it could be confusing.  Now everybody that comes to, I mean that I let into the Bradford property has one of these “Cars.”  As far as I can figure they are a special type of pack livestock.  A species trained to serve humans and bring them wherever they want.  My question is, why don’t I get a car?   I mean being the Sheriff is mighty important work and running around 25 acres can be very tiring. A car would be very efficient.  Well, it’s probably better that I don’t have a car, can’t stand the things.  I mean no matter how much I bark at it, it always stays and parks its self right in front of the house.  I always go over and talk to it, and ask it to at least move itself to the barn.
     I rolled my eyes, stupid arrogant beasts, the things I put up with in this job.
     I trotted next to the car, and I couldn’t tell for sure, but I think it glared at me.  The only thing that kept me from showing that car who’s boss, was the fact that the people were inside.  As usual the car stopped itself went in front of the house and let the people out, who went right into the house.
Humph! I thought, don’t even bother to pay respect to the dog the works 24/7 to keep you safe.  You know I bet you wouldn’t even last a day without me here watchin’ over you.  All you ever…ohhh that feels good.
   Laura, one of my favorite humans, walked over and began to stroke my head.
     “Good girl Wyndy (pronounced Windy).  Who’s a good girl!” She said in an adoring voice.  
    I laid down on my back, enjoying the rewards of  my hard work as Laura continued to stroke me.  Before long, Rayne ran over to Laura, her jealousy so apparent.
    “Pet me, Pet me pleaaaaasssssssse” she whimpered, weaving herself in and out of her legs.
     Laura began to pet her, normally I would have made her leave right then and there. After all I was the one who deserved the petting, but Rayne tried so hard to be helpful I thought I’d let her have a reward just this once.   Besides I was to comfortable laying in the soft grass anyway. 
     Ohh this is a good life. I thought staring up at the azure blue sky.

Hope you liked it!!!!! (and sorry it is a little over 500)  Here is a pic of my dog!
It's not a good picture, lol I took this when I was 10. =P


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Am So So SO Sorry!

I am so very sorry I haven't posted.  And unfortunately I won't be able to post for about another week, because I have finals and stuff, so I have been/will be really busy.  And to all the people who have sent me emails and I haven't responded I AM SO SUPER SORRY.   =P  But once I finish up with finals I should have some really cool posts coming up, so stay tuned for that. 

Also in other news I got my 20th follower!!!!! YAY! Thank you Brooke.  I love that name by the way.  Brooke.   I think I'm gonna name one of my kids Brooke.  OK, lol sorry that was really super random.

And my the photo challenge voting ended last Saturday and the winner is.................(drum rolllllllllllllllllllllll)  JULIA!!!!!! *applause* *applause* OK, congratulations Julia, and I have an "I won a photo contest"  kinda button for your sidebar, that I will send to you.
The winning photo:

Have a Wonderful Week!!!! ( I will be hosting another photo challenge soon)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog Award

Hey Guys!!! 
I made a blog award, it's called Star Potential.  I am going to award 5 people with this award. And those people will award 5 more people and so on and so forth.  However, this blog award is a little different, I created this award to encourage bloggers with newer blogs who are trying to grow and have great potential.  So anyone who receives this award has to have 50 followers or less.  So if you recieve this blog, then congratulations! I really honestly think you have a great blog, and that someday you'll have like 5,000 (well maybe not that many)  followers =D
Now for the Winners:
Ruby from professionally not-so-professional
Julianna from Saved By Grace
Claudia from Beautiful Days
Olivia from Amusing Me
Kiara from Just a Dash of Laughter

Now if you won, here's what you have to do.  Post on your blog saying that Laura from Princess in Mudboots awarded you.  Then award 5 other people with 50 followers or less.  And answer these questions.

Your favorite color is:
Your favorite book is:
Any Hobbies?
Favorite verse?
Favorite thing about Summer:

 And since I created this award I'm gonna answer these question for y'all. ;)
Your favorite color is: BLUE!
Your favorite book is: ummm Besides the bible, Probably Ella Enchanted!
Any Hobbies? oh, lots,  umm Photography, and piano just to name a few.
Favorite verse? I don't really have a favorite verse, but my favorite book of the bible is James.
Favorite thing about Summer: Hang out with my BFFs!
Congratulations everyone.  Also if you won, please comment, so that I know that you saw that you were awarded, and I don't have to contact you and tell you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kentucky Trip Part 2

Hello Everyone!  Good morning!  Here is the second part of my trip to Kentucky.
Before my great aunt's birthday party, we went to the Levi Jackson historical park.  The birds were really friendly and I got some great pictures. =D
A goose drinking from a puddle.

This pic turned out so grainy, and I was super bored of editing and wanted to do something fun. . . . so this is what happened. lol it looks horrible, but i was bored, what can i say. =P

A cute gosling, is that how you spell it? lol 

I LOVE this picture!  probably the best bird pic I've ever taken =D

The mill house at Levi Jackson park

Another Blue Jay pic ;)

I forgot to add this pic last time, it is me at Dog Patch.
Love this picture, the baby ducks were so white, even thought the water was like brown.

I know this is a bad picture, but right as we were about to leave, this weird looking bird swam out onto the pond.  Does anybody have any idea what it is?  It looks so weird.

A Duck.   grrr it's so grainy =( I need a new camera.

The waterfall by the mill.

 Well, soon it was time for my great aunt's surprise party. So we drove up to her house and waited.  It was so wonderful, they (her daughters) kept her inside, meanwhile all of my great aunt's granddaughters, and grandsons, sisters, and brothers, nieces, great grandchildren (pretty much anbody related to her in anyway) all gathered on the lawn, then she came outside, and was just like stunned.  She started crying when she saw everyone, it was so sweet <3 Unfortunately I did not really have time to take pictures during the party.

After the party when we got back to the hotel, I saw this beautiful sunset.
So pretty <3

Well as you know, Saturday was the night of the super moon.  lol I totally failed at taking a picture of the moon, but here it is. I tried taking a picture of the moon in like every setting but it still didn't work, here is the best of the worst.  Oh and I was in a moving car when I took this picture, so that added to the difficulty. 

HAHA! Man on the moon!!!! (lol couldn't resist =P )
LOL, so anyway, the reason I was in the car when I took this picture is because we were on our way to see the moonbow at Cumberland falls Kentucky.  What is a moonbow?  Well basically it is a rainbow made from moonlight.  There are only 2 regularly occurring moonbows in the world!  One in Australia, and the other at Cumberland falls.  And Saturday was a super moonbow because it was the night of the super moon.  OK, well we drove up the mountains at like 10:30, and we finally arrived at the falls.  And it was packed, there was so many people there waiting to see the moonbow.  There were even police officers to control the traffic.  So anyway, we arrived at the falls, and waited, and waited, and waited some more.  OK the best time to view the moonbow is at 11:30, so we kept waiting for 11:30 and it got mistier, and mistier. Which is bad because you need a pretty clear night to see the moonbow.  So eventually at around 11:15, the moonbow appeared for about a split second then it vanished.  But the frustrating thing is when I lifted my camera to take a picture, MY CAMERA BATTERY DIED!!!! AHHHHH LOL but anyway this is what the moonbow picture would've looked like:
you can barely see it in this picture.  via
OK, this is a better picture, but seriously, it was so beautiful I don't think a camera could have really captured how Awesome it was.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kentucky Trip Part 1

So as you guys know I just got back from Kentucky on Sunday. I took a ton of pictures.  Here are some of the ones from the first day.  Once we arrived in Kentucky we visited a cute little trading post called dog patch.

When we walked in the door, we were greeted by this rather large moose head =)
Ahh I would love to own this car!

A cool walking stick with an Indian head on top.

I Love Lucy <3

HAHA! So true.

(rolls eyes) Teenagers act like they know everything. lol There were a ton of funny signs all around the store.

A Man made out of a tree.

I LOVE Barney Fife.

Adorable earrings.


A cute little Totem pole.

We could see the Dog Patch sign from the mountain our hotel was on, I had to majorly zoom in.

These things are amazingly good.

After we got checked into our hotel we went to dinner.  Can you guess where?


I love these old fashioned bottles.

We have a family tradition that whenever we go to Cracker Barrel we (being my siblings) each get to pick out a thin stick candy.  This time I got lemon/Lime

Oh MY Goodness this girl is too cute!  Who doesn't love Shirley Temple.


The rocking chairs in front of the store

OK, funny story, there is a Telephone booth in the pool room. No joke.  The first thing me and my sister thought was DOCTOR WHO! (ok, if you don't watch the show, which most of you probably don't, the show has a lot of time-travel and there is a police box for a time machine. it's confusing. . . . .) lol so even though this is a telephone box  not a police box, and it's red and not blue, it still made me think Of Dr. Who.

It just looks so out of place!  LOL you see the pool, then randomly there is a telephone booth.

And In the end it was a great first day in Kentucky.