Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Piano Guys.


I have been following the Piano Guys for like a year and a half now.  They are a group of super talented guys that bring classical (and some not so classical) music to a whole new level. They are amazing.

First I would like to introduce Jon Schimdt, the pianist. I have one of his books, and the songs are really hard, I have been working on one song for like 2 months now and I am finally done with it. (the song I learned to play is called Tribute by Jon Schmidt if ya wanna look it up on youtube.)
Anyway this is Jon Schimdt.
And this is Steven Nelson Sharp.  The cellist, who is also extremely talented.
And Here is the whole group. Anyone not mentioned above does the filming or editing, or all that other technical stuff. (I would name them, but I can't remember their names at the moment and I am to lazy to look it up =P)
These are a couple of the music videos that they have:

This one is so funny..

So is this one.

These two are so pretty.

Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. Oh, I love The Piano Guys!!! They are awesome. My favorites are Just the Way You Are, Somewhere over the Rainbow, and the Pirates of the Caribbean.
    I wish I could play the piano like that.

    Luvv Julia

  2. Those videos are so funny! And that piano music is pretty too. You know, I might be convinced to start cello lessons someday. ;)

    Joyfully His,
    Jaime Lynn

  3. I like their videos and songs!! Great post :)