Friday, July 13, 2012

I really wanted to come up with an awesome title, but I'm not creative, so I didn't

The First photo challenge I am entering is Elizabeth's photo challenge at I'm Living For Jesus!

Here's my entry.

The Second photo Challenge is Brooke's at {Endless Grace}
The theme is Children.
This the first picture that I took of a child. I took this like 4 years ago. we had some friends over and we were playing town and I was the photographer, and I took this picture and it turned out great, even though I didn't mean it to be: thus starting my life long photography career. . . .just kidding.  well no I'm not kidding, I did take this picture, but it didn't start my life long career, because I've only lived for 15 years and that is hardly a long life, Ok I'm gonna stop rambling now. . . .

Now it's time for a random quote that I found on the internet:
Flying, is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
-Douglas Adams....I think, I'm not sure.....
Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. Thank you so much for entering my photo contest, Laura! :D

    <3 Elizabeth

  2. Thanks so much for entering!! It's very cute.:]

  3. LOVE the photo!!!
    That quote reminded me of a quote from Toy Story... "You're not flying! That's just falling with style!" :)
    BTW you ARE creative. I loved your title :D

  4. Ohh, I LOVE the flower photo! Gorgeous! =) Blessings...

    ~Jaime Lynn