Monday, July 9, 2012

I was bored...

And when I'm bored, I get creative, sort of....  Here's what I mean, one day when mom and day where in Ukraine, I had nothing to do, so I made food pictures.... Observe:
This is a house..ok you probably figured that on your own :P  anyway, the  roof is made from sunchips, the house is made from tortilla, the sun is made from a yellow pepper, the tree is made from bread and brussel sprout leaves, and the grass is made from celery leaves.

The bridge is made from bread, the road is made from mini chocolate chips, the grass is made from cucumber peelings and the river is made from a tortilla and a lot of food coloring,
The water is made from tortilla and food coloring, the boat is made from bread, the sails are made from tortilla, and the flag is made from sprinkles.


  1. Hahaha Laura Those are so awesome! Verrrrrrry creative! And sooooo cool!!!