Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blogiversary and 100th post

Actually this is my 102nd post.  Anyway It was my blogiversary on April 8th! And I didn't even notice! Two huge milestones and I didn't even notice... Sometimes I am surprised I have so many followers, because when it comes to keeping a schedule or remembering important dates I am a terrible blogger.

So, to all my followers thank you for following and thank you for an awesome first year in the bloggy world!
Ok, so normally for such a huge milestone I would do a giveaway or contest but since I am on vacation that'll have to wait (I will plan one for the future though).
So for my 100th post I am going to tell you my 4 random thoughts about 4 random things because...well I am to lazy to think of anything cool....aha just kidding...but seriously.

Best color: Blue. Because it makes me think of water. and...water is good because it helps you stay hydrated and without hydration you really, blue represents the essence of life...but seriously blue is awesome.

Best drink: Chocolate Milk.  Its a combination of the one of the best things with a mediocre thing, chocolate(being the best) and milk(being mediocre). Which raises he question, what if you combined chocolate and blue which is another awesome thing. or just combine chocolate and water and just call if life chocolate. That would sell for like, Millions. People would be like "Whoa, gotta get me some of that life chocolate mmmmmmhm. yummy!" And then I would be a millionaire and move to New Zealand where there's no internet and you would never have to read my stupid ramblings again.

Best childhood Show: Blue's Clues. Like the old Blue's Clues with Steve not Joe.  And notice that Blue is the color blue which makes him awesome. And Steve wore a green shirt which is another cool color.

Most annoying thing in world: Pull or Push doors.  Why can't they be both, I always push on pull doors and pull on push doors. maybe its just me but I think all doors should be pull AND push doors.  Because people like me who can only handle one thing at a time can't walk and read the sign that says pull or push at the same time.  To help you better understand my thought process I have created a flowchart.

 Does anyone else have this problem?

Well if I had any followers, I probably scared them all I am slaphappy I probably shouldn't be bloging... Ok all that rambling was just rambling I really am a completely sane person :) Part of the reason all the rambling was so crazy is because I drank an entire liter of pop and realized it was caffeinated, hiked six miles and made cookies, not necessarily in that order (I seriously did all that today, well actually I did them yesterday because this is a scheduled post so I am writing this on Saturday and you're probably reading it on Sunday)

Have a blessed Sunday and Thank you for Celebrating my first Blogiversary with me.


  1. Oh, yes, that is a very "popular" problem with me, considering the fact that all the doors in my house switch between push and pull doors. I mean, you can at least have a set one, so that I can remember 1 out of 1000000 times!!:/
    Oh yes, chocolate makes the world go round:) And I love the color blue. And I am extremely random so I happened to really enjoy this post:)


  2. Congratulations on ur two achievements!!!!! Its a cool post,I am ur 68th follower. It would be great if you can follow me back at- don't worry it not only a doll blog but changed into a life blog of mine!