Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shadows, Ladybugs, and Cherryblossoms.

Well, we made it safely to West Virginia! It is so incredibly nice, yesterday it was 80 degrees!  When we left Ohio there was still snow on the ground, so it is definitely nice to have a break from the freezing weather.  How warm is it where you guys live? Do any of you still have snow?

Anyway, we are staying in a two story condo, which sounds big, but with ten people it can seem crowded sometimes. The best part is that we have a huge jacuzzi which is awesome!  A not so great part of vacationing in the mountains in spring is that all the bugs are starting to come out of their winter homes, especially the ladybugs.  There are ladybugs on like every window (on the inside), and by every door, fortunately they are looking for a way to get out not in.

Yesterday we went to Washington D.C. and it was amazing!  I don't really like big cities, but our nation's capitol is so incredible.   The cherry-blossoms were blooming and it was so gorgeous.  First, we went to the Air and Space museum, then Rebekah and I went to the American Indian Smithsonian Museum while the rest of my family went to Ford's theater (Where Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated). After that we went to the sculpture garden which was amazing because there was a huge pool in the middle with lots of fountians, and we put our feet in the water.  It felt so good because both mine and Rebekah's feet hurt so bad from walking all day.  Our last stop before grabbing dinner at the old post office's food court was the Natural History Museum. (I will post some of the pictures later)

Ok, so this is our third day here, Tuesday was our second day, and that was when we went to Washington D.C., and Monday was our first day.  On Monday we went swimming, drew with chalk, and as the sun went down we played with our shadows.  I was taking pictures for Rebekah and her Fashion blog and noticed how awesome the shadows were so I grabbed some of my siblings and caught some cool pics.  (the quality of the pics aren't really that good because they were taken with my sister's phone.) Anyway, here are some of the best ones:

The last two pictures are their superhero poses! I think my family would be an awesome superhero rescue team!

 Hope you enjoyed. Do you have a favorite picture?


  1. All those pictures are great! I cracked up at the superhero ones, totally something our family would do:) Glad you had a great time,

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my family loves superheros.

  2. Sweet! :) I love the one with everybody jumping the one with everybody's fists in the air. :)

  3. Yeah, it's definitely crowded here...there's even someone sleeping next to my bed on an air mattress. Now who is that...oh wait :p

  4. those are so cool! i love your superhero pics. :)

  5. It is very snowy in Minnesota right now.

    I love your pictures. The jumping ones look cool!