Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Parents Come Home TODAY!!!

So, my parents are finally back on U.S. ground!  They get home tonight at 6, and we are all really excited!  Unfortunately, I cannot post pictures of the kids we are adopting because of privacy reasons, but if you want to see a picture of them, email me at raininthecountry@gmail.com and I will send ya'll pictures of the kids as soon as I can.
Also, my photo challenge ended yesterday, and I know that there were some people who wanted to enter and didn't.  So, I am extending the challenge for all of you who didn't have rain yet, or who didn't get a chance to enter. If you want me to keep it extended for you, please tell me in the comments, so that I know I am not just waiting for nothing.
Last week I went to one of my very bestest (yes, I know bestest isn't a real word) friends house to stay with them awhile while  my parents were gone.  My friend, Leanne, is a photography too, so while we were at her grandparents house we took some pictures.  Here are some of mine:

I took this picture through a hole in a leaf.

This is a picture of a wooden swing.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and don't forget to comment if you want the photo challenge extended, and comment and email me if you want to see pics of my new brothers and sister.


  1. That is amazing that you are adopting Laura. :)

  2. cool pictures and I'd love to see the pictures of the kids!

  3. Love the pics! I would just love to see pictures of your new siblings! You can email them to me at: hannah@thewrightfamily..name. :)


  4. Wow Laura those are really cool pics! I REALLy like the first one and the last two!!!!!!! And did you use your camera to take these pics?

  5. 1. Love the pictures.
    2. You must be so excited!!!!!! And I totally understand the privacy thing. I would love to see them too, when you get the chance!
    (I'm pretty sure you already know my email, haha)

  6. Oh, I would love to see some pictures of kids you are adopting!

    Love Julia

  7. I would love to switch buttons with you. I have 1 button, but I want to give people more variety too so if you want you can make me another one. P.S. I love this blog!


    1. Hi Lauren, I just got ur email, and yes I would love to switch button with ya!
      <3 Laura

  8. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!
    You know I want to see pics :)

  9. That's really cool!

    Check out my blog at http://emily-sunshine-girl.blogspot.com/

    Those pics are so pretty!