Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sibling Interview-David

I love laughing, and most of my laughs in life come from my siblings.  So I decided, to interview David, my 4-year-old brother.  These are the questions I asked and these are his exact answers, word for word.
What's Your Name? "ummm um David"
What Do You Like Doing? "Umm, Play in the mud and get all dirty"
What's Your Favorite Color? "um Blue"
Who's Your Best Friends? "Austin", (his friend in Michigan)
If You Could Have Any Animal For a Pet What Would It be? "A pet dragon that is orange I mean blue blue blue dragon"
If You Could Go Anywhere On Vacation, Where Would It be? "right in the mud"
How Old Are You?  "4"
What's Your Favorite Food? "acorn cheese,  Wait no, macaroni and cheese I don't eat acorn cheese" (lol I don't know what acorn cheese is lol)
What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? "umm black, No, ummm chocolate"
Would You Ever Go Skydiving? "YEAH!  I'm a big boy so that's why i can go IN IN ummm skydiving"
Do You Like to Cook? "yeah"
What's Your Favorite Song? "I love Jesus,  .....I mean Captain America song!!!!! you know super hero song."  Then our friend Jessica said "What does a super hero song sound like?"  Then David got up and jumped around and made explosion noises, I guess that's what a super hero song sounds like.
Who's Your Favorite Sister? "Laura"

Oh, I love him, he's soo cute! And By the way, I did not tell him to say I was his favorite sister.


  1. Adorable! Tell him I want a "blue blue blue" dragon ,too!
    ~Love Hannah~

  2. Aww....he is sooo cute. I was laughing out loud about the super hero song!!
    Love Julia

  3. "I don' eat Acorn Cheese."
    Okay. Seriously? I have to try Acorn Cheese now! :)
    I think that's what you say when you can't remember Macaroni maybe? lol

  4. haha! that is so cute! i think i'm going to do that with my sister! haha you got me all inspired!

  5. David is so adorable!

    I awarded you over at my blog!