Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I've Been Up to...

Well, first of all, yesterday was my birthday!!!!!!! I turned 15!  =D  Also, i have been doing a lot if hiking and I got a ton of pics!  So here they, hope you like them. P.S. A photo challenge is coming up so stay tuned. :)

Lol I took this pic by accident. I was trying to fix something on the lens and I pressed the shutter button.  lol and yes i did have green eye here.  normally my eyes are hazel but sometimes they are green.  lol I did edit them so they are a little bit greener then normal :)

Yes i do realize that this is a horrible picture.  but beavers are sooooooo cute!  There are two beavers that live on the riverbank.  I go see them like everyday they are so cute. 

Love this picture!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the detail on the wings.

This pic gives my chills


  1. Laura, they are beautiful! I love that one of you;)

  2. You took all of these pictures???!!!! Omgoodness well let me say that they are amazing! I am VERY impressed! There beautiful!!! Especially the one of you! =) <3

  3. Ok so I think you should make more buttons!!! Id so use them!! =)

  4. Laura, happy birthday!♥ I hope it was amazing. Girl, your pictures! They are gorgeous. I love the dragonfly one. It is so clear, and you can see all the details.<3

    God bless!

    Brooke @

  5. Happy Birthday!! Great pictures!!!

  6. Happy belated birthday! :)

  7. first of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! and second: those pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! love them!