Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Hungry//Adoption Update//News

Well, since I've been sick I have had nothing but applesauce to eat.  And I am really hungry, so I am going to get my revenge and make all of you hungry too:
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I LOOOVE Pumpkin rolls!

I'm so hungry....
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Here is the Adoption update and the News.
So, my parents get home on Friday night.  Then they are home for 10 days, and then they back to Ukraine to pick up the kids and bring them home. ....... And guess what?! I'm going with them!!! I get to go to Ukraine with them for the last trip!!! I am so excited. I  am going to get to play with all the kids in the orphanage.  What is really cool is that I want to be a missionary in Ukraine to orphans who age out of the orphanage.  So this is going to give me a taste of what that's like.


  1. Awesome. And it didn't work, you making me hungry because I just ate dinner!!

  2. that is soo cool! the bread and butter picture, well I'll have to try it!

  3. How exciting! Is this your first time to Ukraine?
    Love ~Hannah~

    1. Yes it is my first time to Ukraine. it is also my first time out of the country. :)
      <3 Laura

  4. Love the photos!! Everything looks so yummy!!
    YAY!!! That is wonderful news!! I hope you have a wonderful (and safe) trip to Ukraine!