Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Bucket List

I have been meaning to write down my bucket list for awhile, and I finally got around.   I will be adding a few things to my bucket list, and crossing things off, so I am going to make a new page with my bucket list.
1. Go skydiving
Gotta love that guy's hair ^
2. Go Travel outside of the US. (I will be crossing this one out soon)

3. Go to New Zealand

4. Hold a Kiwi bird.

5. Get married (duh)

6.  have or adopt at least 4 kids

7.  Get 500 followers for my blog.

8.  Buy a DSLR camera.

9. Visit Alaska

10. Be an extra in a movie that goes to theaters.

11.  Go to California

12.  Finish a book, and try to get it published.

13.  Read the entire Bible.

14.  Ride a Draft Horse

15.   Ride an ostrich.

16.  Get a perfect score in Archery,  [50/50 using 5 arrows (My best score is 49)]
17.  Watch all Pirates of the Caribbean, the Extended versions of the Lord of the Rings, and the Star Wars movies all back to back.
18.  Start, or help start a transition school for kids who age out of the orphanage.

19.  Build an awesome tree house.

20.  Hang out with someone famous.

21.   Learn to play a song on the Kazoo.

22.  Earn my Stars and Stripes award for American Heritage Girls (this award is the equivalent of the eagle scout award for Boy Scouts)

23.  Have one of my photos published in National Geographic.

24.  Sing (with my sister Rebekah) in front of 50+ people.

25.  Teach one of my younger sibs piano

26.  Visit Aztec ruins.
27.  Photograph a blue monarch butterfly.

28.  Ride a Zebra

29.  Go into Wal-mart wearing wal-mart clothes and pretend I work there.

30.  Create a cute reading nook.

Thanks for reading.  I just got my 47th follower! I am so excited!  Please help me reach 50, spread the word and take my blog button on the sidebar =)


  1. Well I try to agree to reach the 500 followers :) I always take delight reading in your blog.


    Pali from Hungary

  2. Lots of fun, Laura!!! =D I would definitely agree with lots of your things (like the 500 one was awesome and the movie one was epic, but I seriously think the only way to do the movie one would be to be like sick and then not want to go to sleep!!!). :)

  3. Cool stuff Laura. Most of it I haven't done, but I did sing in front of 120+ people.

  4. Wow! Cool bucket list!

    I've gotta write my bucket list sometime.:)