Monday, September 10, 2012

So yesterday was..interesting

Yesterday I discovered that there was a bee colony in my ceiling.   Here's what happened (This is a conversation between me and my friend on G-mail when I told her about it.)
Me: OK, I can't believe this happened
  so I went into my room, touched the ceiling, and the ceiling broke open and hundreds of bees feel out of the hole and into the room.  And one feel on my face.
 I ran out of my room screaming because I had bees on my head
  Then my aunt came up stairs and closed the door
(by this time the bees were all out of my hair,)
  Well, my uncle called a beekeeper friend of ours and he came and killed most of the bees
 so I can't go in my room now because the is ceiling is still really weak and there is like a bee colony up there.
  And on top of that I have stomach flu
  Wish my dad where here.

My Friend: hi
  This had to happen right when your parents leave.
  Did u get stung?
  That would freak me out!!!
 and what made u touch the ceiling in the first place? LOL
  I can't even reach my ceiling! =p
 me: No, I didn't get stung
 I was trying to show my aunt the weird sound in my wall
  Because if you tapped the ceiling there was a weird vibrating sound. So I stood on a chair and touched the ceiling and that's when all the bees came out.
 My Friend: WHOA!!
  My parents said "how come she gets all the fun" hahaha
 me: WHAT! It was not fun...LOL
  My Friend:  Were the bees wasps or honey bees?
  Hey, if you can get into your room you should take a photo of it ;)
 me: I think yellow jackets
  and NO I am not going into to my room anytime soon
 My Friend: yikes!!
 me: The bee guy said that my ceiling is covered in bees
 My Friend: WOW
 me: ... i am soooooooo tired.. I want my daddy
  I just can't believe this happened.
My Friend: aww!  So yeah, that was my Sunday.  I guess the moral of the story is: Keep your friends close, and your beekeepers closer.  (yes I know that's a lame moral, but I'm tired.)


  1. Oh my goodness. I would totally freak out! I'm so sorry for you!
    Purple Pixie

  2. Oh my word!!!!! I would be freaking out!!!!!!
    I hope u get feeling better and that all those bees would go away!!
    When do your parents get back?


    1. thank Kathryn. My parents get back Friday.
      <3 Laura

  3. That's so horrible!! I'm so glad you didn't get stung!!! I would've started screaming the second the ceiling broke. I hope that you get back into your room again soon!! And that you get better from your stomach flu... and that your parents get back......

  4. Now everytime I hear a noise in my room, I'm thinking "bees?!" :-)