Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Livinging in a house with 7 siblings...

You're bound to hear a more than a few laughs, especially from the younger siblings.  Here are a few comical situations that occurred this week.
David (4), mom and I were sitting in mom's room. We were playing with some change mom had in her pocket.  Mom held up a Nickel and asked "David, what is this called?"
David replied "Yours"
Then mom said "Yes, it is mine, but what kind of a coin is it. Is it a quarter, a nickel, a penny, or a dime?
Yes" was David's answer.

I guess we will be working on his money identification skills.

After dinner, everyone was cleaning up after dinner and Natalie(7) suddenly wonders aloud "What would a Popsicle made from milk taste like?"
Catherine(12) answered "Just, really cold milk.....but it would be frozen"

I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom with mom, when I hear Natalie walk up to dad and ask:
Natalie: "Dad?"
Dad: "yeah."
Natalie: "Do you think you will ever go bald?"
Dad: "I hope not.  But I don't think I will"
Natalie:  "well I would still love you even if you went bald.  And you would probably like pretty good bald. yeah you'd look good."

Do you have any fun sibling stories?  If you do, share them in the comments!
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Now that school has started, I am sure everyone can relate to this.


  1. :) Haha these are really funny sitautions :) LOL

  2. Haha!!! Those were great!!
    Our neighbors had this dog, named Rockie. Well, the neighbors moved (they actually moved next door to my grandparents LOL! We kid them that they just can't get away from us.). While we were at my grandparents one day, my mom just happened to point out the neighbors dog to my 5 year old sister.
    Mom: "Hey, Mary, look! That's Rockie. He used to be our neighbor."
    Mary:"When did he turn into a dog?"
    Ah, siblings...

    1. Ahhhahahaha that is funny Kathryn!!!

  3. Those are hilarious!! I can really identify with the teen quote..... ;) My alarm clock is especially annoying. My family's always like "turn it off! Turn it off!" :P

  4. Well, this is ABOUT my sibling, but not from my sibling. So our neighbors adopted a son from Ethiopia, and he was learning English (he is 6) and my sister, who is the same age, who was adopted from china, is named Sophie. And my neighbors have a dog named Sophie. So when I was telling the boy about my sister he goes "Sophie the dog? Your sister is my dog? YOUR SISTER IS A DOG!?!?!?" he was so horrified that my sister "was" a dog. It took a while for him to understand, but now we joke about it!

  5. I love sibling moments! We have them all the time at our house. The only sad thing is no one out side of our family ever understands them. So it just makes us all the more crazy looking! Lol.

    Luvv Julia

    P.S. I miss you too!

  6. Haha those are funny Laura!! So are everybody elses! And Juila I know what you mean. My family has so many inside jokes and we will just start laughing over a couple words! And no one understands whats so funny over those words! Seth is funny all the time! I have many funny stories but I can't think of any.

  7. My brother Goes in his room to get changed, (like, clothes) And screams at anyone who trys to come in. He is 8 and a boy! Then he runs around the house...Naked!!!