Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ukraine Trip Part 2: I am ALIVE

Hey everyone! I have arrived in Ukraine! And I am alive! Thank you for all of your prayers!  Right now I am eating breakfast (yogurt, and oatmeal) We arrived at the airport at like 1 pm Ukraine time on Monday.  Then our adoptions facilitators (I don't even really know what a facilitator does but they help get around the country and help get documents for our adoption I think) drove us to our apartment .  The funny thing about Ukrainian driving is that it seems that the unspoken rule of drivining here is that you can drive wherever you can fit your car.  So the drive up to our apartment was fun (and scary).  Our apartment is so cute! I wish I could show you pictures (I took pics I just don't have time to upload them) There is a cute little kitchen, 1 bedroom, and small dining room and a living room with a couch, and 2 bathrooms.  My parents slept in the bedroom and I slept on the couch right.  Today we are going to travel around Ukraine and pick-up the kid's birth certificates.   If we are able to g et all three kid's certificates then we can pick them up at the orphanage and they can stay with us while we finish up the adoption.  Well, I gotta go, Love you guys!!!
Love, Laura

P.S. I got really sick on the flight over here.  My throat burns and my nose is totally stuffed up.  So please pray that I feel better.
P.P.S I don't have time to proof read this so sorry for any mistakes i made.


  1. Awesome!!! Safe travels, and get well!

  2. When I first read ''There is a cute little kitchen'' I thought it said ''There is a cute little kitten''. ;)