Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Foliage

Yesterday, when I was studying for English I longingly looked out the window, my eye were greeted by the sight of bright red, yellow, orange, and light green leaves.  I then decided to temporarily abandon my books, I ran down the stairs, grabbed my camera, slipped on my mudboots, and ran out to the crisp fall air.  I walked through our woods snapping random pictures of the sunlight hitting the golden, and red leaves.  After a half hour I had captured several blog worthy photos.

This may look like it is excessively edited, i really didn't edit it (a side form adding a little more focus) the sun was so super bright, and I accidentally left the camera on a weird setting so the picture just turned out really bright.


Do you have a favorite?  Tell me in the comments =D


  1. Oh, wow, I love all of them! They're really good. I love fall leaves. :D

    <3 Elizabeth

  2. I love #7 and #2! So pretty! I love fall!
    ~Love, Hannah~

  3. Amazing Laura! I've been longing to grab my camera and do the same. I need to!