Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday #1

Well, we all know that Monday's are notorious for being miserable.  And today for me has been no exception.  So, I have decided to post inspirational picture/quotes, or something that makes me laugh, every Monday.  You can join in by posting pictures or quotes or anything that you think will help make Mondays better :)  Just enter the link to your post below by clicking the "Add your link" button at the end of the post.
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I want to make this bookcase with my dad.  it looks so cool.

This happens everyday, everyday of my life!

O_O need this.

haha, what? No I don't do this...haha..maybe.i do..:(

I don't know why but this cracks me up every time!


  1. That awkward moment when a teenager post has improper grammar... Did anyone notice teenager post #5004? Your instead of you're...
    Haha! I have a blue bracelet like that!

  2. hahaha you made me laugh so hard!! Loved the post Laura!