Friday, October 12, 2012

Using a Reflector in Photography

Hey Everyone!  I have recently discovered the benefits of using a reflector in my photography.  
What is a reflector?
    Basically it is anything that will bounce light onto your subject.  There are many good reflectors available for photography (Such as the Lasolite 5-in1 reflector [which I am hoping to buy] ) or you could use aluminum foil wrapped over a cookie sheet or a piece of white poster board, or just a normal piece of paper.

How will a reflector change my photography?
   Using reflectors totally changes the look of your subject.  Look at the example below to see what I mean.
In the first image I did not use a reflector, Natalie's face is dark, her skin is splotched with shadows, and her eyes are dim.  In the second image I used a piece of paper to bounce light onto, Natalie's face.  Her eyes are brighter and they pop, her face is brightened and looks smoother. (lol I have no idea why she isn't smiling, I think she was grumpy that day :P )

See the difference?
This video will show you the effects of using a reflector.  This video was made by Elizabeth Halford at Elizabeth Halford Photography. You really should check out her blog; it is really helpful, and I have learned so much from reading her posts. 
Hope you guys were inspired, and I challenge you all to use a reflector next time you shoot. I guarantee you will see a difference.
P.S. If you do experiment with a reflector I would love if you posted the before and afters and commented with the link ;)

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  1. Cool! My older sister is a photographer and she once tried it, not at a shoot just out of boredom, just with a mirror, it was cool! :)