Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I got awarded. . . TWICE!!

YAY so happy =) so first of all, like I said in one of  my last posts, I have school finals so I've been 2 busy 2 post.  I only have a week and a half of tests left so I will be back to my normal blogging schedule.  Secondly, I just checked my blogger dashboard today for like the first time this week and saw that I had 25 followers!!!!!!  If I can get 50 followers I might just host a photo challenge with a prize ;)   Anyway, thank you sooooooooooooooo much for following me!!!! I love you all soo so so so much, and I appreciate you following.  It makes me so super excited when I get new followers. =D

So the first the first award I got was the versatile blogger award.  Ruby@professionallynot-so-professional awarded me.
So now I have to tell you 7 things about myself...  OK let's see...
1.)  I Love Laughing
2.)  My birthday is June 5th!
3.)  I am turning 15, but I am short and constantly have people tell me that I look 11 =P
4.)  I love Love LOVE the woods.  I go exploring everyday :)
5.)  I love watching old tv shows.  Like the REALLY old scooby doos, or Dick Van Dyke.
6.)  I have 3 sisters, and almost 3 brothers (we are in the process to adopt 2 more boys from Ukraine.)
7.)  I have the best, most amazing family in the WORLD <3

Now, the second award I received was the Versatile Blogger Award. (yes it does have the same name as the other award but it is a different award.)

 Thank you Hannah@Hannah's Place for awarding me.
Now for 7 more random facts about me
1.) I don't like chicken.
2.) Until the age of 12 I had a deathly fear of ladybugs (which is ironic cuz normally I love nature, but ladybugs ugh I just didn't like them.)  I am fine with them now, but I still get teased about it =P
3.) I LOVE chocolate milk.
4.) And I love horses =D
5.) I don't like most fruit flavored candies (skittles would be one accept ion)
6.) I ADORE Piano.
7.) I can't think of a 7th fact :)

Now I need to award people.  If I award you please comment and let me know that you saw this.  Also, if you are awarded you are being awarded both Versatile Blogger awards.  And you need to post awarding other people and tell us 7 facts about yourself.  I am supposed to award 15 people, but a lot of the bloggers I know have received this award already so I will award as many bloggers as I can find.
Kiara@Just a Dash of Laughter
Hannah I.@Life is a Sample
Hannah H.@Not Your Typical Teen
Julia@My Life and Such
Kathryn@Chatty Kathy
Rachel@Full 360 (on a tricycle)

Love Ya!!!!