Friday, May 18, 2012

My Entry for Kathryn's Writing Challenge

OK So this is my entry for Kathryn’s writing contest.  It is life from my dog's prospective.  All the things in this story are things that my dog actually does, so that makes this even funnier. If you've ever read the series Hank the Cowdog, this is kinda my spin on the series.
And  If you're wondering, the thoughts are italicized.

     I lay sprawled out in the middle of the gravel drive-way, letting the hot sun warm up my black fur.  Soon I heard the sound of gravel popping.   
     An INTRUDER!!!!  I sprinted down the long driveway as fast as I could, and started barking a warning. 
    Oops I thought to myself it’s the people.
     “It’s OK Rayne (yeah our other dog's name is Rayne, and it's pronounced Rain, just so you know ;) ).” I barked at my deputy, “It’s just the people. Switch barking to welcome mode” 
     You see I was the unofficial sheriff of the Bradford family home, and any property surrounding it for 100 miles.  The people I referred to were the Bradford family.  Rayne was the Bradford’s other dog, she was no where near as fast, or brave or as smart as me, but I let her tag along and help with the small things in security work.
      We stood by and let the people pass through, we continued our happy barking and gave the “people” a warm welcome as we ran along side their strange moving animal which they called a "car".  Now let me stop and explain this to ya ‘cause it could be confusing.  Now everybody that comes to, I mean that I let into the Bradford property has one of these “Cars.”  As far as I can figure they are a special type of pack livestock.  A species trained to serve humans and bring them wherever they want.  My question is, why don’t I get a car?   I mean being the Sheriff is mighty important work and running around 25 acres can be very tiring. A car would be very efficient.  Well, it’s probably better that I don’t have a car, can’t stand the things.  I mean no matter how much I bark at it, it always stays and parks its self right in front of the house.  I always go over and talk to it, and ask it to at least move itself to the barn.
     I rolled my eyes, stupid arrogant beasts, the things I put up with in this job.
     I trotted next to the car, and I couldn’t tell for sure, but I think it glared at me.  The only thing that kept me from showing that car who’s boss, was the fact that the people were inside.  As usual the car stopped itself went in front of the house and let the people out, who went right into the house.
Humph! I thought, don’t even bother to pay respect to the dog the works 24/7 to keep you safe.  You know I bet you wouldn’t even last a day without me here watchin’ over you.  All you ever…ohhh that feels good.
   Laura, one of my favorite humans, walked over and began to stroke my head.
     “Good girl Wyndy (pronounced Windy).  Who’s a good girl!” She said in an adoring voice.  
    I laid down on my back, enjoying the rewards of  my hard work as Laura continued to stroke me.  Before long, Rayne ran over to Laura, her jealousy so apparent.
    “Pet me, Pet me pleaaaaasssssssse” she whimpered, weaving herself in and out of her legs.
     Laura began to pet her, normally I would have made her leave right then and there. After all I was the one who deserved the petting, but Rayne tried so hard to be helpful I thought I’d let her have a reward just this once.   Besides I was to comfortable laying in the soft grass anyway. 
     Ohh this is a good life. I thought staring up at the azure blue sky.

Hope you liked it!!!!! (and sorry it is a little over 500)  Here is a pic of my dog!
It's not a good picture, lol I took this when I was 10. =P



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  2. I love it!!!! Thank you for entering!!! :P

  3. Great job! I awarded you over at my blog!!!!
    You have a great blog and you deserve it!

  4. awww what a cute dog!!

    ps. just emailed you again about the giveaway- Erin wanted your email address so she can tell you when she ships your necklace. i just wanted to make sure you were okay with that, so if you could shoot me a quick email, that'd be great. :)