Thursday, May 3, 2012

Walk in the Woods

Yesterday it was so warm, that I just HAD to get outside.  So I went for a walk in our woods.  And of course I snapped some pictures, so here they are.  Tell me which one is your favorite ;)

I Love this picture.

A big oak tree.  Ok, so when I was little, I played in the woods everyday, all the time.  And we have a couple HUGE oak trees in our woods.  So one day ( I think I was like seven) I named all the big old oak trees. =)  I think the one in the picture above is Elisha. lol  The others were like Eliza, Elijah, Ruth. . . LOL!

Me!  The wind was blowing, and the sun was in my eyes so I couldn't help from squinting.

Our River.

My mudboots =)  They may not be stylish, but they are the best kinda shoe to have.

God Bless!

Oh, and my family and I are traveling down to Kentucky for a family reunion/surprise birthday party for my great aunt's birthday.  We are leaving at 8:00 tomorrow and won't get back until Sunday.  So I might not be able to post over the weekend.  And one more thing, yesterday, after I went for the walk in the woods and uploaded my pictures, I went for another walk this time I went down our ravine and went to go see the waterfalls in our woods.  I took a bunch of pictures there too, but didn't have time to upload them.  So I should be posting those soon.
Also go check out Julianna's blog. She is trying to get 45  followers.
And Claudia's blog, once she gets 20 followers, she is going to host another photo challenge.


  1. You're very welcome, I was happy to do it =)
    And thank you <3

  2. gorgeous pictures! love them!

    thank you for your comment on my blog! i love reading them. ;)

  3. those are great pictures! idk which one is my favorite!

  4. Those are GREAT! I love the 2nd one!
    What part of Kentucky does your family live in? I have family that lives in Lexington Kentucky. And surprise birthdays are SOOOO much fun!!! We did one for my grandma's 80th, and she was in tears! (happy tears of course) :)