Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo Challenge..It's Time to Vote!!!

WOW!!! I am overwhelmed with the amount of people who entered.  Like seriously, you guys make me so super happy ;)
So Here are the photos, vote on the sidebar which one you like best. ;) Poll will open for a week then I will announce the winner!

Sarah's cute Bunny!
Julia's adorable dog!

Kiara's happy dog =D

Kyla's sweet Boxer (That is a boxer right?)

Keni's sleepy Jaguar

Rachel S's Little Kitten =)

Meena's Goat Kid,  I don't think I need to say anything about this one.  So Adorable it just melts your heart <3

Lily's Stunning owl. amazing

Claudia's bright Fish (I think they are Koi fish, but I'm not sure :P)

Abi's sneaky orange cat.

Rachel's big Bison

Hannah's regal cat. (I say regal because all cat's think they are some form of royalty)

Julianna's sweet dog.

Ruby's hermit crab.

OK, thank you to everyone who entered =D I appreciate it.  If you are not following me, please do so =) I tried to follow all of the people who entered my photo challenge, so if you entered and I didn't follow, tell me in the comments and I will.


  1. thank-you for saying my little goat's adorable! it means a lot!

  2. Oh my goodness! That boxer is SOOO cute! I LOVE it's eyes!

  3. So minny ADORABUL PHOTOES!!!! Awww, da widdle cuties....
    (by the way, i misspelled them on purpose.)

  4. Thanks for hosting this photo challenge! Yep, my dog is a Boxer, his name is Gus:-) That is his guilty face and it is one of my favorite pictures!:-)