Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kentucky Trip Part 2

Hello Everyone!  Good morning!  Here is the second part of my trip to Kentucky.
Before my great aunt's birthday party, we went to the Levi Jackson historical park.  The birds were really friendly and I got some great pictures. =D
A goose drinking from a puddle.

This pic turned out so grainy, and I was super bored of editing and wanted to do something fun. . . . so this is what happened. lol it looks horrible, but i was bored, what can i say. =P

A cute gosling, is that how you spell it? lol 

I LOVE this picture!  probably the best bird pic I've ever taken =D

The mill house at Levi Jackson park

Another Blue Jay pic ;)

I forgot to add this pic last time, it is me at Dog Patch.
Love this picture, the baby ducks were so white, even thought the water was like brown.

I know this is a bad picture, but right as we were about to leave, this weird looking bird swam out onto the pond.  Does anybody have any idea what it is?  It looks so weird.

A Duck.   grrr it's so grainy =( I need a new camera.

The waterfall by the mill.

 Well, soon it was time for my great aunt's surprise party. So we drove up to her house and waited.  It was so wonderful, they (her daughters) kept her inside, meanwhile all of my great aunt's granddaughters, and grandsons, sisters, and brothers, nieces, great grandchildren (pretty much anbody related to her in anyway) all gathered on the lawn, then she came outside, and was just like stunned.  She started crying when she saw everyone, it was so sweet <3 Unfortunately I did not really have time to take pictures during the party.

After the party when we got back to the hotel, I saw this beautiful sunset.
So pretty <3

Well as you know, Saturday was the night of the super moon.  lol I totally failed at taking a picture of the moon, but here it is. I tried taking a picture of the moon in like every setting but it still didn't work, here is the best of the worst.  Oh and I was in a moving car when I took this picture, so that added to the difficulty. 

HAHA! Man on the moon!!!! (lol couldn't resist =P )
LOL, so anyway, the reason I was in the car when I took this picture is because we were on our way to see the moonbow at Cumberland falls Kentucky.  What is a moonbow?  Well basically it is a rainbow made from moonlight.  There are only 2 regularly occurring moonbows in the world!  One in Australia, and the other at Cumberland falls.  And Saturday was a super moonbow because it was the night of the super moon.  OK, well we drove up the mountains at like 10:30, and we finally arrived at the falls.  And it was packed, there was so many people there waiting to see the moonbow.  There were even police officers to control the traffic.  So anyway, we arrived at the falls, and waited, and waited, and waited some more.  OK the best time to view the moonbow is at 11:30, so we kept waiting for 11:30 and it got mistier, and mistier. Which is bad because you need a pretty clear night to see the moonbow.  So eventually at around 11:15, the moonbow appeared for about a split second then it vanished.  But the frustrating thing is when I lifted my camera to take a picture, MY CAMERA BATTERY DIED!!!! AHHHHH LOL but anyway this is what the moonbow picture would've looked like:
you can barely see it in this picture.  via
OK, this is a better picture, but seriously, it was so beautiful I don't think a camera could have really captured how Awesome it was.


  1. Loved the pics!! Haha, your edited photos just made me laugh!!
    And hey, I love the pic with the brick and the waterfall you took! Awesome!

  2. The duck is called a muscovy duck--they are considered nuisance ducks. One figured out how to fly over our fence to eat our bird seed. (!!!!!!!!!)
    Great pics! And yes, that's the right spelling of gosling. :)