Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kentucky Trip Part 1

So as you guys know I just got back from Kentucky on Sunday. I took a ton of pictures.  Here are some of the ones from the first day.  Once we arrived in Kentucky we visited a cute little trading post called dog patch.

When we walked in the door, we were greeted by this rather large moose head =)
Ahh I would love to own this car!

A cool walking stick with an Indian head on top.

I Love Lucy <3

HAHA! So true.

(rolls eyes) Teenagers act like they know everything. lol There were a ton of funny signs all around the store.

A Man made out of a tree.

I LOVE Barney Fife.

Adorable earrings.


A cute little Totem pole.

We could see the Dog Patch sign from the mountain our hotel was on, I had to majorly zoom in.

These things are amazingly good.

After we got checked into our hotel we went to dinner.  Can you guess where?


I love these old fashioned bottles.

We have a family tradition that whenever we go to Cracker Barrel we (being my siblings) each get to pick out a thin stick candy.  This time I got lemon/Lime

Oh MY Goodness this girl is too cute!  Who doesn't love Shirley Temple.


The rocking chairs in front of the store

OK, funny story, there is a Telephone booth in the pool room. No joke.  The first thing me and my sister thought was DOCTOR WHO! (ok, if you don't watch the show, which most of you probably don't, the show has a lot of time-travel and there is a police box for a time machine. it's confusing. . . . .) lol so even though this is a telephone box  not a police box, and it's red and not blue, it still made me think Of Dr. Who.

It just looks so out of place!  LOL you see the pool, then randomly there is a telephone booth.

And In the end it was a great first day in Kentucky.


  1. When I saw the phone box I was like "DOCTOR WHO" in my head :D :D All of the sayings that you took pictures of where funny

    1. LOL, yeah I knew you would get the Doctor Who part ;).
      <3 Laura

  2. Okay, next time you guys got to KY I am so coming with you!!! LOL I LOVE I love Lucy, and Barney, and all that :D Looks like a neat store you went to!

  3. loved all the pictures. escecially the barney fife one!

  4. Haha we own some of those signs. :)

  5. Love Crakle Barrle, Love I love Lucy, Love Barney, Love Shirly TempleLove the hill billy ten commendments thing!

  6. The Indian walking stick is kinda-sorta-really weirding me out, haha. ;) But everything else in there was so adorable! I love love love the earrings! I hope you had a great time in Kentucky!