Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Part 2 of the story that has no title.

OK, I know that this is REALLY long.  But I didn't wanna drag it out in lots of parts. If you didn't read the first part here is the link

      “Nate!” she exclaimed when she saw his figure appear through the rain, “is that you?”
      “Oh Rebecca, thank goodness I found you” yelled Nate over the roaring sound of the rain, “We need to get out of here, when I  crossed over the ridge I saw that the rain made the river swell and it took out the bridge!”
    Rebecca became worried, “What!” she said trying not to freak out, “but how are we gonna get the horses to the barn?  If we go all the way around to the ridge it’ll take forever. And besides we have another problem…I..uh… I’m kind of stuck....” her voice faded away, she was a little embarrassed that she had fallen.
     Nate slowly climbed a little down the hill until he could reach her, then he swung a strong arm out towards Rebecca and helped her climb back up the hill. When they reached the top, Birdie was still where Rebecca had left her.
    “I know it’ll take us a long time if we take the ridge path, but it is the safest way” a very wet and muddy Nate replied, “besides, it really our only option right now.”  Nate grabbed Birdie’s wet lead rope and Rebecca fell in step behind him, as they slowly made their way down to the ridge. 
      “Hey Nate?”  Rebecca asked, after they had been walking for a while.  Her eyelids where drooping and she wondered if it was as late as it felt.  “Are you wearing your watch? What time is it?”
     “Yeah, here hold the lead rope while I check,” Nate handed the lead rope to Rebecca as he rolled up his wet sleeve to check his watch.  He squinted in the dime light trying to see the time.  “It’s about 1:15” he replied after a slight pause.
     “Oh man, no wonder I’m so tired,” she let a yawn escape her chattering mouth, “how much longer do you think it’ll be before we reach the barn?”
     “Probably another 30 minuets,” he answered as water droplets fell from his brown unruly hair.  Rebecca sighed, she was thoroughly soaked now, and she could not wait to get back to the house.
     She looked up at Nate “Thanks.” She whispered through the rain.
      “What?” he implored with a confused tone of voice.
     “For helping me” Rebecca explained, “I’m glad you’re here.  I’d probably still be stuck back at that rock if you hadn’t come for me.” 
     Nate smiled “you did look pretty helpless standing there soaking wet on that rock stranded in the middle of the mudslide.” The two continued to trudge on in silence for awhile.
      “Remember the time you painted your nails pink?  That was so funny!”  She reminded him.
    Nate exclaimed “Oh come on! I was only 6 years old! And…”
    Rebecca cut him off “then mom found you in the middle of your room with pink nail polish and then she startled you when she came in, and you dumped the bottle over and spilled the neon pink paint all over your rug!” she retorted.  “And actually you were 7 years old, not 6,” she replied in a matter-of -factly way
     Nate rolled his eyes and smiled, “well if you think that’s funny what about the time mom took off her wedding ring while she was washing the dishes, and left it on the counter.  Then when she wasn’t looking, you took the ring and ran off.  And then she found you outside doing your little ‘princess walk’ wearing her wedding ring on your finger, and a tiara on your head.  And just as she caught you wearing her ring, you bent over the pond and the ring fell off your little finger into the muddy pond.”

     “All I remember is mom being horrified.  And then you pulled your net out of the pond when you were trying to catch frogs, and the ring had landed in your net.”  Rebecca added grasping for breath, because it is rather hard to breath when you are laughing a chattering you teeth at the same time.  The two were laughing so hard by now that they almost forgot how cold they were.
     “Mom was so relived.” Nate commented as he smiled.
      After walking on for a couple more minuets in silence Rebecca shrieked “stop!”
      “What?” Nate said surprised, “whoa, we almost walked right into the fence. It’s raining so hard I didn’t even see it.  Come on!  Let’s get the horses in the barn as fast as we can, then get into the house.”  Rebecca didn’t reply, she clicked her tongue moving Birdie into a trot.  In no time they were at the barn, and had all the horses in their separate stalls.  Soaking wet and muddy, Nate and Rebecca made a final dash for the house, arriving at their back porch panting.  Once inside they both took their mud caked boots off in the mud room and walked into the kitchen.
     “Where have you been?  What took you so long?  I was starting to get worried.”  Their mom asked in a concerned tone
      “We had to take the ridge route, the water destroyed the bridge.” Nate answered, “But we got all the horses in the barn, and no one is hurt.”
      “Good, now go get changed into some dry cloths you guys look absolutely freezing.”  Mom said, surveying her two muddy and wet children, “on second thought stay there, I’ll go get you clean clothes, and you can take turns changing in the bathroom down here.  Don’t want you getting mud all over my clean carpet and stairs….” her voice faded as she walked up stairs to retrieve some dry clothes for the two soaking figures standing by the door.  Rebecca took off her wet jacket and threw it in the laundry, and tried her best to squeeze all the water out of her brown curly hair.  Nate took a towel from the cabinet in the laundry room, which was next to the mud room, and started rubbing his head dry.  In the kitchen, by the black marble top, sat Katie, Nate’s twin, who was cuddling the Wesson’s yorkie and drinking hot chocolate.
      “You guys look……very wet.” Kate stated, smiling at her dripping siblings who were shivering in the mud room.
     “Well thank you Captain obvious,” replied Nate sarcastically with a grin on his face.  “Did you make sure the chickens were locked up?”
     “Yes, General sarcasm,” Kate retorted saluting to Nate.  Nate responded by rolling eyes his at his sarcastic twin.  Although they teased each other, both of the twins were very close to each other.
     “OK,” mom announced walking down the stairs with a pile of clothes in one hand, and an empty sippy cup in the other, “I have a fresh, clean pjs for both of you.”
     “Yay!  I’m so COLD!!!!!,” Rebecca exclaimed grabbing her Pajamas from mom, and running across the kitchen floor into the bathroom.
      “Hurry up.” Nate called from the opposite side of the room. “I’m cold too!”
      Mom continued, “Here you go” Handing Nate his fresh change of clothes.
      “Thanks.” Replied Nate, then he spotted a small face peeking out from behind mom’s legs, “Mom, I think the natives have gotten restless”
     “What?” asked mom curiously.
     “Look behind you.” He answered spotting two more pairs of eye staring down from the stairs.
     Mom turned around, “Oh goodness.  What are you guys doing out of bed?” She asked, putting her hands on her hips staring at the three little faces behind her.
     “I’m scared there’s gonna be a big flood and the house will go away and so will my bed!” answered the worried voice of 6-year-old Abi.
     “and..and the tunder maked a weally big sound and I got scareded” explained another small voice that came from 4-year-old Josh.
     “I’m not scared.” responded a third voice from the stair railing which was Ella, “I’m 8-years-old and I’m not scared of thunder! I just want to see what Josh and Abi were doing.”
      “Oh I see,” nodded mom understandably
      Emerging from the bathroom with fresh clothes on Rebecca announced, “Hey, I’m done Nate, you can go change now.”
      “Finally!” he exclaimed, walking to the bathroom.
       “Ok, you guys,” said mom turning to the younger kids, who were now standing in the middle of the living room, “do you want to sleep in the living room while the storm lasts?”
     “Yeah!” all three answered in unison
     “Ok then, go get your pillows” mom softly ordered the children as the three kids ran up the stairs to obey.  Rebecca walked over to the couch and picked up the big, green, cozy blanket that was draped over the top of the huge sofa.  She wrapped herself in the warmth of the soft cloth and sat down next to Katie at the counter.  Nate appeared with clean clothes on and plopped down on the large, gray cozy chair in the living room.  He clapped his hands and called the Wesson’s big golden retriever to come sit in his lap.   Josh, Abi, Ella came tromping down the stairs, their pillows dragging behind them, and with tired, but content smiles spread on their faces.  They each laid their pillows right in a row near the corner of the living room.  Mom walked over to the linen closet and grabbed a huge, puffy comforter that looked like a cloud, and spread the warm blanket out over her three sleepy children.  She then walked into the kitchen and opened a cabinet which held cups and mugs.
     “Do you guys want some hot chocolate?” Mom asked Rebecca and Nate
      The three children who were supposed to be sleeping on the floor sat straight up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Yes!!! Yay!!! Hot chocolate!” the three sang out.
     “Not you.” Mom replied “you are supposed to be asleep.” The three glum figures lay back down, indignant that they were denied the special privilege of hot chocolate. Mom looked back at Nate and Rebecca “do YOU two want some hot chocolate.”
     “Sure,” Nate responded drowsily from the cozy chair in the living room.
     Rebecca smiled at her younger siblings “Yes please.” She answered.  As mom was taking out two mugs from the cabinet dad and Caleb, who was 17-years-old, walked in through the back door.
     “Phew! It’s cold out there” dad announced taking his boots off, and setting them on the rack.
     “And wet, don’t forget the wet part” Caleb concluded as he shook his head to try and dry his hair out a little.
     “Want some hot chocolate?”  Mom asked them, “Did finish getting everything tied down? And Caleb please don’t shake your hair out on the floor like a dog” she reprimanded him. 
     “No thanks,” dad answered, “and yes we did get everything secured, though the highest the water will raise around here is probably about 1 inch, and that won’t do much damage”
     “I’ll take some please” replied Caleb. 
     Mom grabbed another mug from the cabinet, “Kate, go up stairs and get a change of clothes for your dad”
     “and me” added Caleb”
     “And some for Caleb” requested mom.  Katie handed the yorkie to Rebecca and started for the stairs.
     When she was in the middle of the living room about to walk up the stairs when Caleb called back to her “oh and make sure you get my blue pajamas, not the green ones.”  He continued “and grab my long sleeve top not the short sleeve top.”
     She rolled her eyes “YES! Your majesty” Katie replied sweeping a large bow to his royal, highness Caleb, and then advanced up the stairs to retrieve the clothes. After sometime Katie came down with the clothes, and three people trailing behind her. 
     Mom raised one eyebrow “what are you doing up?” she asked them, as Katie walked over and handed dad his clothes and he went to go change in the bathroom. 
     Then she backed up, rolled Caleb’s pajamas into a ball, and tossed them to him, “Catch you majesty.”  
     He laughed as he caught his flying pajamas, “Thank you servant, that will be all for today.  You are dismissed.”
     “I can’t sleep,” Leanne, who was 12-years-old, answered her mom, walking over the big sofa and plopped herself down.
     The ten-year-old twins, James, and Ben, replied “we couldn’t sleep either, storm’s too loud.”  Both of them walked over to the cozy chair where Nate was relaxing and sat down on the floor.
     “Well, we might as well all sleep down here then.”  Mom suggested since the entire family was already downstairs.  “Hot chocolate’s ready.” She announced setting three hot mugs on the counter.
     Dad came out of the bathroom with clean clothes on, “Your turn” he said looking at Caleb, who hurried to change out of his muddy, wet clothes.  Within a half hour everyone was settled in the living room and mostly everyone was asleep, with lots of blankets and pillows to keep them comfortable.  Mom, dad, Leanne, and Caleb occupied the couch.  The three youngest huddled together under the big comforter on the plush off-white carpet, with the small teacup yorkie at their feet.  James and Ben sat next to Nate on the ground, stroking the golden retriever’s soft hair, and Nate reclined on the cozy chair.  Jack, the Burmese mountain dog, cuddled with Rebecca and Katie who were snuggled up in the green blanket by the side of the fire place.  Loud and wild, the rain continued outside, but inside the Wesson home everything was peaceful.  The only sound that could be heard was the crackle of the fire, and the gentle, steady breathing of ten sleeping children, and three dogs.

Hope you liked it!!!  So, do you want me to post more stories of Rebecca and the Wesson family?  If so tell me in the comments! 


  1. YES!! Post more I like reading them.

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  2. Yes!!! This was great, Laura!!!

  3. Thank you all! =) You guys make me so happy!

    And Claudia thank you, It honestly it not a good pic of me because I took it myself so it is at a weird angle. =D
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  4. Omgoodness Laura! I cant believe you wrote this!It was AWESOME!!! Thats so cool! I didn't read it all but what I read was verrry good! =) Haha! Keep it up! I would love 2 be able to write good like that! =)

  5. Post more!! Love it!!